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As astrology has caught on, justifications for its rise have swirled. Maybe young people are turning away from religion, and woo spirituality is filling the gap. Or maybe the unpredictable results of the last election have encouraged us to throw out traditional scientific methods and look to the stars. But I think the astrology boomlet owes as much to the dynamics of the modern internet as it does to any sort of cosmic significance about the millennial’s place in the universe.  Online Astrology checks several boxes for viral-happy content: It provides an easy framework for endlessly personalized material, targets women and accesses ’90s nostalgia. It’s the cosmic

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Just under a decade ago, when the online matrimonial service was being talked about as a possibility, one could not but raise an eyebrow and look at it with skepticism. The transformation one has seen in this space, in recent times, with leading players boasting millions of registered members and separate regional portals, has come rather as a pleasant surprise. Now, it looks like another quite sensitive and personal area is warming itself to the Internet age. For long, astrology has been known to be a personalized face-to-face service built on trust and belief in the individual astrologer. But this may be changing. While acknowledging that offline is where astrology finds the largest market and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, online astrology services have the potential to become a good alternative for the serious Net user and believe it can become an industry by itself within the next five years.

What are the early trends and the current challenges?

The online astrology market is in its nascent stage. The trends that we are experiencing are similar to the ones seen in the offline industry. People are trying to find an online parallel to what is available offline. The challenge lies in creating a balance in what can be offered online and then to delivering the best possible user experience, consistently.

The market potential?

The market potential is enormous and it has been proven by businesses in the US and Europe. In the US, the online astrology market is $200 million annually. In India, the offline business is guesstimated to be around Rs. 40,000 crores. Even if we are able to convert 1 percent of this, it will be quite a significant number.

What are the key drivers for this new online astrology space?

The key drivers will be honesty in service delivery and increased convenience. A price differential, if possible, could also be a potential driver.

What is the outlook for these services?

In the immediate term, we can see a large number of new Net users coming in and trying to be comfortable with this way of doing astrology. Pros are confident that this space will become just as successful as the online matrimonial services and there is a very fair chance that ‘Online Astrology Services’ will become an industry by itself in the next five years.
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Top 10 Cities for Astrology Around the World

1 Chennai, India
2. Bangalore, India
3. Delhi, India
4. Mumbai, India
5. Toronto, Canada
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Los Angeles, CA, USA
8. New York, NY, USA
9. San Francisco, CA, USA
10. Seattle, WA, USA
Top 7 Countries For Astrology
1. India
2. South Africa
3. Singapore
4. Canada
5. The United States
6. Australia
7. The United Kingdom
The data here basically just shows us that there are way more people searching for the term ‘astrology’ in India than anywhere else in the world. Interestingly, South Africa and Singapore come in 2nd and 3rd place, followed by the main English speaking countries.

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